Tyrolit Cerabond 115mm 60 Grit Ceramic Flap discA unique bond system combined with a high-performanc..

Tyrolit 115mm x 1.0mm x  22.23mm Cutting Disc Pack of 25The BASIC* cut-off wheel for stainless ..

Quick Lock 25 Piece Accessory PackContents: 2 x 50mm Backing Pad Adaptor7 x 50mm Polishing Discs (2 ..

MIG/TIG Filler Wire for the repair and reclamation of Magnesium / Manganese bearing Aluminium Allo..

200 amp electrode holder with 10 metres of 25mmsq high quality cable fitted to a 10/25 Small dins..
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       Choose easily between 3 different air-flow level as o..

Aluminium rod containing 12% silicon. It has good mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resista..

CopperPlus electrode delivers at least 2 times longer consumable life over standard consumables* and..
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